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도곡점 LEVEL.2

#컨디셔닝 #기능향상 #선수재활

- 문화체육관광부 생활체육지도자 3급 (보디빌딩)

- 한국요가지도자총연맹 요가 2급

- 한아요가교육연구소 키즈요가 2급

- Muscle care pilates Instructor course

- Instructor level 1 Anatomy, Manual therapy, Mat 1,2

- Instructor level 2 Reformer 1,2,3

- Instructor level 3 Cadilac, Chair, Ladder Barrel

- IM & PILATES: The Intergrated Systems Model (Lumbopelvic-hip complex)

- Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Pilates Specific course (PRAGUE SCHOOL)
- Madeline Black Special Lecture: Psoas as a Core Muscle


PAFGYM Pilates Dogok

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