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압구정점 LEVEL.2

#체력증진 #다이어트 #컨디셔닝

- 문화체육관광부 생활스포츠지도사 2급(보디빌딩)

- 미국 스포츠의학 아카데미 교정운동전문가(NASM-CES)

- Functional Movement Screen Level 1(FMS)

- Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Course 1(DNS)

- NCA Academy: Pelvic, Hip Kinesiology and Corrective Exercise Course

- Donald Neumann Special Lecture Hip and Lumbo-pelvic Region

- Movement Impairment Syndrome: Upper Body Region

- IRVINE Osteopathic Fitness Study Group


PAFGYM Pilates Apgujeong

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